RNC Fundraising Scandal

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Last week Zac posted about an RNC sex club scandal.  Well apparently Michael Steele just can’t catch a break.

According to a former RNC official, in late 2009 the Republican National Committee conspired with the Michigan Republican party to skirt campaign finance regulations and artificially inflate their fundraising numbers.  The scam allegedly went something like this: on December 31st, 2009, 15 Michigan donors gave a total of $456,000 to the RNC.  Two months later the RNC distributed $500,000 to the Michigan Republican Party.  Why would these donors give all that money to the RNC, only to have it given over to the state party?  Because federal law limits individual donations to a $10,000 yearly maximum, so by donating the money through the RNC, they’re able to contribute a significantly larger amount to their state party.  And in return, the RNC gets to post big fundraising numbers for the end of the year, even though they just turned around and gave the money right back to the state.

Now legally the RNC can give money to any state organization it pleases, but seeing as the state of Massachusetts only received $42,000 from the RNC during that same time period, and there was kind of a big special election going on there at the time, it’s hard to understand what could have been going on in Michigan to warrant a half-million dollar payout by the RNC.

So far there has been no official investigation of the allegations, but state GOP leaders are now  calling for Steele’s resignation.  Stay strong Mike, the Democratic Party needs you!