Rep. McCarthy On Banning High-Capacity Magazines

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Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) spoke about her gun control bill to ban sales in high-capacity magazines. A previous ban expired in 2004 and she’s been re-introducing the bill every year since; the bill itself is very narrowly-defined and targets only these types of magazines. A former nurse, she was touched personally by gun violence and she says this is the reason she is in Congress — watch and share:

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There’s been plenty of coverage on this over the past week but one of the pieces I found most interesting from a historical perspective (and a rebuttal of the NRA-championed philosophy that any regulation of guns is unconstitutional) was this one from Salon:

Although the Second Amendment is often invoked in this debate, the dynamics of America’s battle over guns have almost nothing to do with either the historical Second Amendment bequeathed to us by the framers, or even the more individualistic Second Amendment conjured by the present-day Supreme Court of John Roberts in two controversial decisions. The original Second Amendment was the product of a world in which a well-regulated militia stood as check against the danger of a professional standing army. The framers certainly believed in a right of self-defense, but most viewed it as something that was so well-established under the English common law that there was no need to write it into constitutional law.

The notion that regulation is antithetical to the Second Amendment has no basis in history or law. As long as there have been guns in America, guns have been regulated. Even at the height of the Wild West in Dodge City, gun regulation was a fact of life.

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