Remember That Gaping Hole From 2009?


We’ve written about the budget crisis previously. Here’s the latest:

David Paterson unveiled a $134 billion budget that bridges a $7.8 billion deficit. It cuts funding to schools and health care, tuition assistance, state agencies and payments to municipalities. It would include new surcharges on sugared drinks and soda, as Jim Odato sniffed out Monday. And Paterson delivered it with a sobering message: “New York is facing an inevitable fiscal reckoning.” (TU/DN/GNS/D&C)

Accompanied by some tough talk (though many legislators chose to skip the speech–another sign of some serious bad blood between the Gov and the Legislature):

“This is not a budget of choice; this is a budget of necessity… Ladies and gentlemen, the days of continuing taxation and the days of continuous spending have got to end. The era of irresponsibility has got to stop. The age of accountability has arrived.”

Read more about the Governor’s budget proposal here. Suggestions from City Room on some sin taxes to incorporate to close the gaping hole here. Example A: “Sell exemptions from poop-scooping laws — kind of like trading in emissions caps.” And my other fave: “Legislative swear jar. Two cents per profanity should cover the deficit.”

Could we make it the ‘Albany incompetence jar’ instead, and taxpayers could get 2 cents per incident? It’d be like the hole was never there.

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