Rally for Women’s Health

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Don’t let the new anti-choice Congress take away our reproductive health care! This is an issue that affects all of us as young people who often take the right to family planning for granted.

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood – who are already banned from using government money to provide abortions – are falling victim to inflammatory pro-life rhetoric. No matter how you feel about the issue of choice, it is true that organizations such as Planned Parenthood provide basic women’s health services to many of our community members who have no other access to health care.

The conversation has become so extreme that a new GOP bill which would allow ‘women to die before having an abortion’.

We can help cooler heads prevail. Join Planned Parenthood and members of MYD’s Women’s Issues Committee for a rally to support women’s health.

Saturday, February 26th
Foley Square, Across from the Court House in Lower Mahattan
1:00 – 3:00pm

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