Quinn on Marriage Equality: “Everybody’s Family Matters.”

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The State Senate’s special session convenes this morning. Governor Paterson placed marriage equality on the agenda and we are expecting a vote some time today.

Openly gay City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got asked yesterday about the vote. Here’s her final appeal and one of her best speeches of her entire career. (Beware, you may start welling up, just like Quinn herself.)

“If the bill is voted on and passed tomorrow, a week after a referendum passed in Maine that took rights away from the residents of Maine, if seven days after that the New York State Senate stands up and says ‘All New York families are equal,’ what a message that sends about what we believe as a state,” Quinn said.

“And what a message it sends about the potential of our country. This is literally a moment where people can stand up and say that everybody’s family matters. That everybody’s home is a blessed place, and that everybody has the same rights. You don’t get a lot of times in life when you get to do that.”

What can you do, with the vote coming any minute now? Find out how to help after the jump.

1. Go to http://newyorkequality.com and call your State Senator. The direct link to call is here

2. Call, IM, Text, Facebook your friends NOW and tell them to visit NewYorkEquality.com to do the same.

3. Tweet for Equality: MYD has a Twitter account: #nyequality to the end of your Tweet.

Better yet, post an @ reply tweet to your State Senator on Twitter. You can find a list of Senator Twitter handles on NYSenate.gov.

4. Join up on Facebook: We’ve got over 7,000 fans of New Yorkers for Marriage Equality on Facebook. Become a fan and “Suggest the page” to all of your friends that live in New York.

5. Keep your fingers crossed all day.

Special thanks go out to Courage Campaign for linking to New Yorkers for Marriage Equality in their email blast this morning.