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Urgent call to Action from our friends at

Last summer, New York made history in a stunning midnight vote when the State Senate voted by 49 to 9 to declare an 11 month moratorium on fracking. The moratorium bill passed with an overwhelming majority of bipartisan support thanks to an outpouring of grassroots action from ordinary citizens – phone calls, emails and lobby visits. Thousands of New Yorkers stood up and spoke loud and clear, and the Senate heard us.

Now, the New York State Assembly is scheduled to come back for only one session at the end of this month – and if they don’t pass this companion bill, all of our hard work will be undone! Since this is the final time the Assembly will meet this year, it’s going to be our last chance to pass the moratorium bill in the Assembly to stop fracking in NY State this year. If the Sweeney Bill (A11443B) fails to be brought up for a vote, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation could begin issuing fracking permits at any moment and all will be lost! We cannot let that happen! It is critical that the Assembly and the Governor hear from you as a member of our powerful movement!

TODAY Tuesday 11/23 and Tomorrow Wednesday 11/24, please call and ask the Speaker, influential members of the Assembly and the Governor to attend the Special Session in Albany and “bring the Sweeney hydraulic fracturing moratorium bill A11443B to the Assembly floor for a vote and pass the bill!”

Find your Assemblymember HERE

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Right now New York’s clean water is at risk of being contaminated by toxic chemicals in a process of drilling for natural gas called hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a process involves pumping millions of gallons of toxic chemicals thousands of feet underground to break up rock formations and release pockets of gas. Fracking has been linked to over 1,000 incidents of groundwater contamination across the US, including many cases where people can actually ignite their tap water!

Gas companies don’t have to tell us what chemicals they’re using because hydraulic fracturing is specifically exempted from disclosure requirements in the Safe Drinking Water Act through to a provision, nicknamed “the Halliburton Loophole,” that was inserted by Dick Cheney into the 2005 Energy Policy Act. Right now, because of the Halliburton Loophole and other exemptions for dirty fossil fuels, the EPA has absolutely no power to regulate hydraulic fracturing.

After destroying communities in 34 state, gas companies are set on fracking upstate New York. This past year, gas companies have spent over $1 million to lobby our elected officials in Albany to pass regulations so that fracking can start in the next few months. We have to stop them.

More contact info:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
518-455-3791 or 212-312-1420 or

Sponsor of Moratorium Bill Assemblyman Robert Sweeney (Chair of Committee on Environmental Conservation)
518-455-5787 or 631-957-2087 or

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (Chair Committee on Energy)
518-455-4436 or 845-338-9610

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (Chair of Committee on Codes)
518-455-4477, or, 718-383-7474 or

Assemblyman Herman Farrell (Chair of Committee on Ways & Means)
518-455-5491, or, 212-234-1430, or, 212-568-2828 or

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Let’s make sure that New York sets a new standard for the country—one that puts our water and our future ahead of oil and gas company profits. We are on the verge of a historic moment – please participate to ensure that it is!!!

Contact with any questions:

Frack Action (347) 709-3585