The views expressed below are mine and mine alone. The Manhattan Young Democrats do not hold official positions on any propositions.

There are three ballot propositions to vote on:

Proposition one: Redistricting

Currently every 10 years, state legislative and congressional districts are redrawn in an inherently political process.

This proposition seeks to depoliticize the process: The ‘independent’ commission will be comprised of 10 individuals who cannot be elected officials. Public hearings will be held on the proposed redistricting plans and funding and bipartisan staff will be provided.

Eight of the 10 commissioners will be appointed by the four state legislative leaders.

If the commissions redistricting plan is rejected twice by the state legislature, the state legislature can amend the plan.

In September Justice Patrick McGrath of Troy rejected the use of the term ‘independent.’

I’m voting NO on Prop 1.

Proposition two: Electronic State Bills

State legislators must have a copy of bills on their desks three days before a vote.

This will allow bills to be sent to legislators electronically, allow them to review and print the bill at their desk and require any and all changes made electronically are recorded.

No brainer. I’m voting YES on Prop 2.

Proposition three: Bonding out Electronics for Schools

This will allow the state to bond out $2 billion for electronics and construction to ensure equitable public school instruction statewide.

Two of my concerns:

-Bonds should only be used on capitally eligible items such as infrastructure which have a useful life of at least 5 Years and cost at least $35K. As a ‘planned obsolesce conspiracy theorist,’ I can’t say any tablet or computer I’ve ever owned fits that criteria.

-NYS has the most segregated school districts in the country. I think there are better ways to desegregate schools and ensure equitable educational outcomes that don’t involve billions of dollars in bond debt for electronics.

I’m voting NO on Prop 3.

Did you vote?