Proposed Constitution Changes


Every year, we make adjustments to the Constitution to better suit the needs of our growing organization.

In December, a committee of Board members appointed by the President were asked to come up with a set of proposals for 2012. Download the full set of recommended changes HERE.. The full Constitution and By-laws are also available HERE.

Some of the key issues we were focused on solving for included:

  • Evolving the Committee structure – with a larger membership and larger number of Issue-Oriented Committees, the Board had ballooned in the recent years, making it unwieldy. The proposed changes does not designate a number of Committees but rather differentiates between Standing and Ad-hoc Committees. Only Chairs of Standing Committees will have votes on the Board.
  • Increasing accountability of Committee Chairs – previously there had been no procedure for removing Chairs in the Constitution.
  • Ensuring that if an Officer position is vacated with significant time still remaining in a given year, this decision is brought to the membership rather than being filled by Presidential appointment.
  • Ability for the membership to propose resolutions

These amendments will be voted upon during the January General Meeting in conjunction with electing the 2012 Officers. Make sure to pay your 2012 dues beforehand so you can actually vote!

Feel free to email me at president [at] goMYD [dot] com if you have any questions or concerns.