Prop 8: Ted Olson on Fox


From our friends at Courage Campaign, a must-watch excerpt from Ted Olson on Fox news on why Judge Walker’s recent decision to strike down Prop 8 as unconstitutional makes good sense:

“In the 1960s, an equal number of Californians voted to change the state Constitution to allow people to discriminate on the basis of race in the sale of your home. United States Supreme Court struck that down. If 7 million Californians were to decide they wanted separate but equal schools, or that we would send some of our citizens to separate drinking fountains, or have them be in the back of the bus, that would be unconstitutional. If we didn’t have a separation of powers,  if we didn’t have the Bill of Rights, 7 million Californians could take away your rights, or my rights, or any of the other rights of the citizens of California.”

PS Could this news anchor be any more biased?!