Politics 3.0: Interactive ME Timeline/Map Reveals Rights Denied All Over America

MYD Itself // Politics 3.0

Too much red = too many human rights denied.

This interactive map from the LA Times represents visually the rights provided same-sex couples, over a timeline starting in 2000. Despite some progress on the coasts, the heartbreaking story I see is watching the country fill up as a sea of red. And it is unacceptable that New York is only a pale green, accepting gay marriage licenses performed elsewhere but nothing more.

ME is one of MYD’s signature issues, and we campaigned extensively on it last year through our NYEquality.com initiative, which sent thousands of letters and emails to State Senators in Albany supporting ME. The legislation came up for a vote in the State Senate last fall, and failed (read the post-vote analysis here). But the fight isn’t over — positions on ME will be a huge factor in determining our support for any State Senate candidate in elections this year. Being a Democrat isn’t good enough — we want real progressives who will fight for the issues that matter to us.

Join the CASE (Community & Social Equity) Committee to take action for ME in New York here and join the 16,000+ strong NYEquality Facebook page here.