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If you’re like me, you spend way too much time reading liberal blogs.  One of my favorites, Talking Points Memo, recently took on the issue of Sarah Palin’s perceived overexposure in the media.  Josh Marshall defends TPM against claims that they spend too much time covering Alaska’s former gov, but in doing so, he makes a really interesting point about how we liberals tend to focus all of our attention on policy, at the expense of politics:

…Health Care Reform — which still has more opponents than supporters — is pretty popular when you ask people about its individual components. But why is that? It’s not random, because that pattern crops up again and again. It’s another one of the examples where liberals — or a certain strain of liberalism — focuses way too much on the libretto of our political life and far too little on the score.

Marshall leaves us with this nugget of wisdom:

Politics can never be separated from policy, unless you’re in a political science class or getting a Phd in health care economics. The two are inextricably combined. And any attempt to pry them apart in a deep way is not only hopeless but also deeply wrongheaded.