Photo of the Week: Almost Is Not Enough

Photo of the Week

Thompson lost by a margin of less than 5%, despite being outspent by Bloomberg 10:1.

A lot happened on Tuesday. The Republican Party imploded in upstate NY and allowed Democrats to gain a House seat we hadn’t held since 1852. However, two Democratic legislatures have gone Republican and there were widespread losses sustained across the state by Democrats.

Here, in our own City, we elected a Democratic Comptroller and Public Advocate, and we came within a hair’s breadth of taking the mayoralty.

We almost won it.

But almost is not enough. Last year, most of us got on the phone, traveled out-of-state, urged our friends to vote, and donated to help elect Obama. This year, too many of us sat on the sidelines. Don’t take it in stride. Help organize for 2010 RIGHT NOW!

donate nowDon’t sit this one out. You can play a pivotal role. Help us keep New York blue.

Give as little as $5 and make sure we elect the right people next year! Come to MYD meetings and help us strategize! They’re the 3rd Tuesday of every month.