Paid Canvassing Opportunities


With primaries next Tuesday, campaigns are looking for help. There a tons of great candidates to help but some are offering monetary compensation for the help. Below is the ongoing list of paid canvassing opportunities that are beginning to trickle in which, of course, we’re happy to provide to our membership.

Just a note, many paid canvassing operations don’t openly say for whom the canvassing and not all of them are in Manhattan.

If you would like to post an opportunity, please contact

Location: Manhattan, Stuy-Town

Have you been meaning to get involved with campaigns you believe in, this election season? Do you want to earn $10 an hour doing it? Come help us on Saturday!!

WHAT: Putting campaign literature under doors for excellent progressive candidates.

PAY: $10/hour

WHEN: Any time this Saturday, September 7, from 9am-8pm

WHERE: Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan (exact meeting place TBD)

CONTACT: Email Anna at to sign up

Please help me spread the word – post info about this on Facebook or Twitter, send to your friends, etc!

Location: Brooklyn, Coney Island
NOTE: We’re asking that everyone comes in for a mandatory training session on Sunday or Monday. If folks don’t seem willing to do this, tell them that we’re recording a training session and they can do the training remotely – just ask them to send us their email address in addition to full name and telephone number and desired E-Day shift.
Address: 1411 Neptune Avenue (D,F,N,Q trains)

6 AM – 12 PM  (8 hrs) OR
12 PM – 9 PM  (8 hrs) OR
6 AM – 10 AM (4 hrs) OR
10 AM – 2 PM (4 hrs) OR
2 PM – 6 PM (4 hrs) OR
6 PM – 10 PM (4 hrs)
$150 for an 8 hour shift ($18.75/hr)
$52 for a 4 hour shift ($13/hr)
Mandatory training session: 
Sunday, 9/8: 12 – 2 PM OR 2 – 4 PM OR 4 – 6 PM
Monday, 9/9: 12 – 2 PM OR 2 – 4 PM OR 4 – 6 PM
Fellow MYD member, Camille Santistevan
Please send full name, phone number, email address, preferred shift and training session.
Location: Brooklyn, Brighton/Midwood

Pay: $10/hr

Shifts: Full day (5 AM – 9 PM, includes lunch at 1)
5 AM – 11 AM, 11 AM – 4 PM, 4 PM – 9 PM (includes lunch at 1)
Location: 1711 Kings Highway