Paid Canvassing Gigs

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From a friend of Ben’s:

Job Description: The canvasser will be handed a walk list and be put in a group of five. When they reach the walk list destination they will knock on the doors that are on the list. When they come in contact with the person on the list, remind the home owner of the candidate’s race and the issues. keep it short and simple at the door because the list is of people who already expressed their support or are a likely Dem voter.
The days :
sat 10/31                     sun 11/1                      mon 11/2                    Eday 11/3
10am-3pm                      2pm-7pm                   3pm-8pm                       1pm-9pm
If they work all four days they will be compensated with $250 only if they work all four days if they do not work all four days and can only do one day they will be paid 10$/hr.
Call Simon at 732-762-2465 if interested.