One Nation Working Together


**Guest blogger Zerlina Maxwell is a 2010 New Leaders Council Alum and Democracy For America Netroots Nation Scholarship winner. She is a new contributor to This Week In Blackness and her blog will be up in a few weeks. Zerlina can be heard on Make It Plain on Sirius Left every Friday at 6pm. Follow her on twitter @ZerlinaM**

I wrote a post last week making the point that I think Republicans may have peaked too early. With the Beck/Palin and Tea Party rallies being all the rage for the past year and throughout the summer it seems as though progressives are coming to life at just the right time.
Yesterday, I attended the One Nation Working Together rally on the national mall with an estimated 175,000 fellow progressives all focused on one message, jobs, justice and education but most importantly getting out the vote on November 2nd. A large contingent of union members from all over the country arrived on buses, activists, and democratic clubs were energized not only by the message but also by the energy and diversity of the crowd.

The crowd really was one of the most diverse I’ve ever seen and not just by ethnicity. The contingency of young people was very strong as well. It is a positive sign that come November 2nd, Democrats who appear to be all but DOA in tracking polls, have the ability to go against the media narrative that has been built up to this point. The Republicans have been fired up in their opposition to the President and the Democratic congress for two years now but the bottom line is there are more of us than there are of them. The challenge is to get those first time and younger voters who went out en masse for the President and his party to go out to the polls to vote this November. Anything can happen and if yesterday is any indication progressives aren’t going to just hand the keys back over to the Republicans (to use one of the President’s favorite metaphors).

A few of my takeaways from the event were that the the march was not a response to the Glenn Beck rally from earlier this summer, but that it was the left’s continuum in the quest for equality and justice for all. It was a rally filled with hope and optimism but also with a deep sense of responsibility and and respect for those who have marched in the same location in the past. On November 2nd each person gets a chance to make their voices heard and progressives are ready to make some noise. (h/t Daily Kos for the pics)