On The Glenn Beck Rally From Last Weekend

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It was billed as the 2nd coming of Christ for the conservative movement. It turned out to be nothing more than another irrelevant event orchestrated for profit by the Glenn Becks and Sarah Palins of this loony-conservative era. Perhaps they did raise some money for their “Special Ops” soldiers, but they could have been far more effective in that effort if they decided not to name-call half of the nation “evil-progressives.”

The irony of the event being on the day of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech was lost on Glenn Beck – this chart might help explain the silliness of it all.

Then we saw debate over the turnout. Estimates upwards of several million were said with a straight face by pundits on the television, yet actual turnout was only slightly higher than the number of fans that go to a Giants/Jets game on any given Sunday this season.

And for those who attended the rally, their opinions were rather predictable.

In the end, though we might feel angry that these people appear to have a strong say in our nations politics, we can take comfort in knowing they continue to buy gold at a high markup beyond its already inflated value. So much of this ‘programming’ is a scheme to extract money from folks who don’t know any better – the same folks who think Barack Obama faked his birth certificate.

If we’ve learned one thing from the August 28 Glenn Beck rally, it is that the Tea Party is mostly irrelevant. The majority of America will not easily subscribe to these falsehoods and half-truths, but this “movement” should remain as a constant reminder of what will happen if we cease to engage and push back against the “crazies“. We need dedicated and free-thinking people involved in politics, working for a better tomorrow, remaining informed of the real, day-to-day facts of the world, to ensure that this Tea Party mantra doesn’t expand to become accepted as truth by the majority. A movement needs to be built on ideas, not scare tactics and poor understandings.

PS – Have you seen Glenn Beck’s new attempt at a news website, The Blaze? It makes the Drudge Report appear balanced and informative.