On Labor Day: Take A Stand Against a Lost Generation

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One year ago, the AFL-CIO published a report entitled “Young Workers: A Lost Decade.” Their findings show that for the first time in American history, our generation is unlikely to surpass the economic prosperity achieved by our parents before us.

The Young Democrats of America are working hard in 2010 to help stem this tide.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that those who inherit this country from us will once again find economic stability.  I believe this begins by electing Democrats.

Over the years, Republicans have waged a full scale war on the American middle class, particularly those in unions.  From firing thousands of striking air traffic controllers, to deregulating Wall Street, to opposing workers’ fundamental right to organize, leaders in the GOP have demonstrated on countless occasions that they care more about the deep pockets of big business than the working families of this country.

Republicans would love nothing more than to take back both houses of Congress in order to enact anti-union legislation that will weaken the already fragile middle class.  If the Republican/Tea Party wins in November, we will lose any chance of enacting the Employee Free Choice Act, which gives workers a fair playing field when attempting to form a union.  We will also say farewell to climate and energy legislation that creates high paying green jobs right here in America.

With less than 60 days remaining before November 2, we must roll up our sleeves to help elect Democratic candidates who support American workers.  Two of the biggest reasons progressive candidates were successful in 2006 and 2008 is because of strong voter turnout among young people and union households.  We need that same energy and enthusiasm in 2010.

The fight continues even today.  Right now there are 300 workers in Rochester, New York at the Mott’s applesauce factory who need our help. Earlier this year, the company was bought out by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and despite record company profits, the new owners think the workers in western New York make too much money.  For more than 100 days, the workers have been on strike fighting to protect their salaries and benefits.

Today – on Labor Day – I’m asking every YDA member to send a short note to the president of Dr. Pepper-Snapple in support of a fair wage for the Mott’s factory workers here: http://action.americanrightsatwork.org/campaign/motts_alert

As a kid growing up in a union household, my parents always taught me that actions speak louder than words.  YDA is ready to fight to ensure that the “lost decade” doesn’t lead to a lost generation.  On November 2, we will stand up for working women and men.  We will elect Democrats.  We will take America forward.

In Solidarity,

Mike Corbett
Labor Caucus Chair
Young Democrats of America