NY-26: Never a Dull Moment

Only in NY

It all started with shirtless pics on Craig’s List.  Who would have guessed that would end up being the least interesting part of the special election in NY-26.  What should have been a cake walk in the R+6 district has turned into quite the sideshow.

First there’s Jack Davis, the former Democrat who is now running on the Tea Party line.  Polls show Davis has actually been quite effective at bleeding support from the establishment GOP nominee, Assemblywoman Jane Corwin.

On Wednesday Davis was approached by a man with a camera and this happened:

Which on its face is not particularly noteworthy, except it turns out that the guy who was holding the camera actually works for Assemblywoman Corwin! Daily Kos has the full story.

The good news is that while Davis and Corwin battle it out, Democrat Kathy Hochul has managed to stay above the fray.  Who knew a special election in Upstate New York would be so interesting!

UPDATE: You can phone bank for Kathy Hochul on Saturday! Info HERE.