Now That You’re A Member…

MYD Itself

The MYD Holiday Party starts right now! Thank you to all of the members new and old (but still young!) who are celebrating with us tonight! We’re going to be handing out these nifty little cheat sheets for the next month. 2011 will be in full swing before we know it! Here’s the breakdown.

1/4 – Officer Applications Available Online – The Officers are the positions in MYD that are elected by the full membership. Full details on requirements and expectations will be available with the application.

1/7 – Officer Applications Due – In order to have the applications all together to send to the membership, we’re asking for a quick turn around time!

1/11 – Officer Applications in the Newsletter – So the membership can get to know the candidates!

1/17 – Director Applications Online – The Directors are appointed by the Officers after the elections.

1/18 – General Election – Make sure you’ve paid your dues so you can vote!

1/28 – Director Applications Due – The Officers will announce the appointments soon after!

IOC Chairs are elected at their meetings early in 2011, more info on those elections available soon!