Not Your Father’s Labor Union

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Young union members in Oregon are reshaping the way Labor courts youth.  Young Emerging Labor Leaders (YELL) is a new group that aims to reach out to young people by focusing on things that interest them.  YELL representative Nick Gaitaud says young union workers want what most other young professionals want:

I asked people why they wanted to become involved in YELL. And it wasn’t so that we could go phone bank or lobby, even though those things are important. People wanted to be better-informed and wanted to make their union better. They were interested in training and wanted to be a part of their community. They wanted to network—a lot of young workers don’t get the opportunity to network.

Getting young people politically active through community service and shared interests.  Sounds a lot like the MYD model of youth engagement 🙂

You can get more info on the group HERE.

h/t Eric Katz