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On May 22, 2018, the Trump-Pence Administration along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar officially put forward a new proposed rule that would undermine the ability of healthcare facilities receiving federal funding through Title X to provide full and accurate information on reproductive healthcare to their patients and prevent them from referring their patients for safe, legal abortion.

This new rule is being referred to as the ‘domestic gag rule’ as it mirrors the Trump Administration’s ‘global gag rule’ – a rule currently in place that prohibits nongovernmental organizations outside of the U.S. receiving U.S. global health assistance from providing safe abortion care or providing referrals and counselling on abortion to their patients. If enacted, the new domestic gag rule will disproportionately affect healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood that are large recipients of Title X funding, a federal program that provides coverage for affordable birth control and reproductive health care.

The Manhattan Young Democrats consider the new proposed domestic gag rule to be an outrageous attack on the right to health, reproductive freedom and free speech. We firmly believe everyone deserves to make their own healthcare decisions free from threat or coercion. We would also like to remind the Trump-Pence administration that undermining access to safe abortion services does not reduce abortion rates; it only makes the procedure less safe and will disproportionately affect the health and lives of patients who already face socio-economic barriers to healthcare access.

TAKE ACTION! Please join us at the Planned Parenthood #NoGagRule rally tomorrow at 6PM at City Hall Park.