(No More) Polar Bear Swim At 17,000 Feet

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Lewis Pugh, the epic cold-water swimmer and climate-change activist, has announced his next swim: a kilometer-long lap across a glacial lake at the top of Everest, in a pond of meltwater 17,000 feet up. He told me the swim will highlight climate-change issues in two massive countries bordering Everest, China and India.

The lake he’ll swim in, atop Khumbu Glacier, “shouldn’t even be there.”

Meanwhile state-side, a (surprisingly) strong climate bill is starting to wend its way through the Senate. The bill is stronger than the House bill, calling or a 20% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels by 2020 and an 83% reduction by 2050. It’s especially important that the Senate take action now (instead of waiting until the healthcare debate subsides) because of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. In order to not repeat a Kyoto Protocol-like debacle, it’s imperative the U.S. take real and substantive action to curb carbon emissions.

What can you do? Our Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sits on the Environment and Public Works Committee that unveiled the legislation (the Boxer-Kerry bill), and she’s already come out as a strong supporter. So we’re covered there.

But we must still exert pressure on global leaders to reach a fair and binding agreement when they’re in Copenhagen. Sign the “I Am Ready” petition with TCK TCK TCK to push for commitments.  And enjoy/share this (rather cheesy, admittedly — but hey, celebs get people to take action, you know?) remix vid: