Next Up: Getting David Carlucci (29!) Elected

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If you were at Young Gets It Done on Monday night (and you missed a grand party if you weren’t), you heard from David Carlucci, the 29 year old Town Clerk of Rockland County who is running for the State Senate. You already know why the State Senate matters, because you’ve watched our Take Back New York video and know all about the important issues (like this one and this one and this one) that are decided in Albany.

This year, we have the chance to increase our Democratic majority in the State Senate — and nothing — we repeat, nothing! — will push the progressive agenda along faster for the State of New York than picking up just a handful of seats there. And this year is far more important than most people even realize, because the State Senate will determine how redistricting occurs next year. As our Good Government Task Force outlined in its policy points, MYD supports an Independent Redistricting Commission and you can bet every dollar in your wallet that a GOP-controlled State Senate won’t much be in favor of that. Redistricting will have a huge impact for the next decade (holy crap!) and it has the very real potential of erasing all of the gains we’ve made in recent years (a documentary about it is making the rounds here).

David Carlucci’s campaign is gaining momentum. As we did for Gustavo Rivera, MYD can make a critical difference in this race. Here’re some more details:

  • He has the endorsements of Planned Parenthood, Empire State Pride Agenda, and the NYS Teachers Union.
  • This week both State Senator Dan Squadron (YGID Honoree, ’09) and Rivera cited the importance of his race to building a real coalition for progressive change in Albany. (Video here)
  • His opponent is an anti-marriage equality Republican with 17 years in office in Rockland.
  • He raised $100,000 before the filing deadline that just passed, but what they need is voter IDs — we can help him!

So I ask you this, MYDers, do you…

…want to see Marriage Equality passed in our state next year?

…want to ensure hydrofracking is banned forever in the Catskills to protect our water supply?

…want Albany to move beyond the dubious honor as the worst State Legislature in the country?

These are the kinds of critical issues taken up by the State Senate. So join us to phone bank and canvass. We promise it’ll be fun, there will be free food, free booze, and good company — and you WILL make a difference, just as we did in the Bronx.

PHONE BANK in Manhattan, Wed, Oct. 6th: register HERE
Join us for free food/beer and have an impact without having to leave the island!

CANVASS in Rockland , Sat, Oct. 16th to Sun, Oct. 17th: register HERE
A Weekend Trip — it’s going to be a blast!!

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