New Yorkers Deserve Safe Homes, Tell Your Representatives to Pass the Safe Homes Act

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safe homes act

Creating safe homes for domestic abuse survivors should be common sense in New York. What you can do is simple, send the below letter to your state Senator/Assemblymember, urging them to pass the Safe Homes Act. Please note, in order to have your individual voice be heard, you must add a sentence or two that makes this letter your own. Otherwise, your representatives will lump all letters together as one. You can find a list your senators and their addresses here.

Dear State Senator / Assemblymember,

March is Women’s History Month, and it is time we address the dangerous gaps in our state’s firearm regulations that disproportionately endanger women. Currently New York State does not require law enforcement officers to remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence incident, even if an arrest is made. That’s why I’m asking you to support A01224 / S00067, a bill that would help keep guns away from domestic abusers.

Separating alleged offenders from firearms is an important step in safeguarding family members and responding law enforcement officers.  It’s a commonsense policy that will help save lives, and I hope you will take a stand to protect victims of domestic abuse and support A01224 / S00067.