New York State Young Democrats Have Taken to iTunes

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This just in from our NY State chapter!

The New York State Young Democrats recorded the first installment of a monthly podcast series and is now available on iTunes. The first podcast is a half-hour long conversation with New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs. A range of topics were discussed from a typical day as the Chairman of New York’s Democratic Party to solutions for job creation and the goals and future of the State Party in regards to overall messaging.

“The New York State Young Dems is a vital part of the State Party now and in the future. I was glad that I was able to have this conversation with Kevin,” said Chairman Jay Jacobs. “I commend the Young Democrats on creating a forum of communication that will expand statewide dialogue and harness the potential and current talent of our young adults throughout New York. I would certainly encourage my colleagues in the Democratic Party and our elected officials to participate in the Young Dems’ new podcast.”

NYSYD President Kevin Lawrie said, “It was a thrill to have a long conversation with Chairman Jacobs. He is incredibly intelligent and his work ethic and passion for the Democratic Party are second to none. Many of our members are extremely interested in how our State Party works and that’s why we decided to have the Chairman as our first guest. Jay clearly understands what New York needs to rebuild the economy and his knowledge and expertise in so many areas will help elect candidates that can reboot New York. In the next few months we will be continuing to talk to the members of the New York State Young Democrats and see if we can use this podcast to address concerns and carry out future initiatives. ”

Listen and subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes.