New Voting Technology for Tomorrow: Find Your Polling Place, Scan Your Ballot, and Check In For A Badge!!

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New technology abounds for tomorrow’s election.  There are some really interesting things happening, but here’s the quick and dirty version for busy voters:

First, look up your polling place here-including a map from your home to the polls, courtesy of the Voting Information Project.

Next, check out the new voting system in NYC-just in case you missed it in the primaries or need a refresher.

And, finally, after you cast your vote, be sure to earn your FourSquare I Voted badge (the site goes live tomorrow).

Voting technology is booming in response to shamefully low voter turnout.  According to the Voting Information Project,  almost 2 million people didn’t vote in 2008 because they didn’t know where their polling place was. The Voting Information Project — a partnership of NOI, Google, the Pew Center on the States and local election officials–set out to address the problem by creating a Google Maps driven widget that can be embedded in any website and used by every voter in the country.

If you are ambitious, you can download the complete polling place dataset or build your own gadgets with the API here.  Or, for the moment, use our link above and just enter your address.  The results are pretty amazing.

The FourSquare project took a different approach, seeking to use social networking as some mix of pride and shame to encourage people to vote and show that fact off to their friends online.  Let’s hope people catch that bug.

Whether you ultimately use the technologies or just choose to go old school and follow the directions on that postcard on the fridge, just GET OUT THERE AND VOTE TOMORROW!!!!