New Director Positions – Now Open!

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2016 might be half over, but MYD is just getting started!  That’s why we’re looking for some more great people to join our team. If you’re interested in getting more involved with MYD this year, take a look at our open positions below!

Applications for the positions listed will be filled on a rolling basis.  So if you are interested, don’t wait!  Positions will be filling up fast!

Additionally, we ask all candidates to please be prepared to attend your first Board meeting on August 2nd and Young Gets It Done on August 25th, should you be appointed.

To apply, simply fill out the form at the bottom, and email the form and your resume to:


Director Descriptions (in no particular order):

  • Events Director – The Events Director is responsible for planning and executing special events for the organization. These events may include, but are not limited to, fundraisers, conventions, general meetings and campaign invasions. The Events Director will also organize space and logistics for all regularly scheduled MYD meetings, including general body meetings and Issues Assemblies.  The Events Director reports to the Secretary.
  • Alumni Director/Historian – The Alumni Director/Historian is responsible for maintaining contact with MYD alumni.  In particular, the Alumni Director/Historian shall keep track of all alumni who ascend to public office or other senior political and policy positions.  Additionally, the Alumni Director/Historian shall maintain an official record of the organization and it’s activities, including all leadership, events, initiatives and other important information.  Notably, the Alumni Director/Historian may be an alumni themselves, and reports to the President.
  • Deputy Programming Director – The Deputy Programming Director is responsible for assisting in coordinating all regular MYD programming.  Such programming includes the organization of Learning Labs and other training sessions of subjects of policy and politics.  The Deputy Programming Director will also help to coordinate speakers and presenters for general body meetings, as well as for any panel discussions organized by MYD.  The Deputy Programming Director reports to the Vice President and Programming Director.
  • Deputy Finance Director – The Deputy Finance Director is responsible for assisting in raising funds by tracking donors and finding new sources of funding for the organization.  The Deputy Finance Director will also assist the Treasurer and Finance Director in filing reports and meeting deadlines.  The Deputy Finance Director will work closely with the Events Director and Finance Director in planning fundraisers.  The Deputy Finance Director reports to the Treasurer and Finance Director.
  • Deputy Communications Director – The Deputy Communications Director is responsible for assisting in regular media outreach and communications on all mediums, including social media.  The Deputy Communications Director will also help with messaging, in consultation with the Secretary and Communications Director, to whom the Deputy Communications Director reports.
  • Creative Director – The Creative Director is responsible for developing and maintaining consistent design and branding across all MYD communications and resources.  Anything produced by the organization for public consumption, with the exception of standard documents on letterhead, must have consult of Creative Director. The Creative Director reports to the Secretary.
  • College & University Liaison – The College & University Liaison will act as a liaison between the MYD Executive Board and local colleges and universities, and will coordinate and implement recruitment efforts at these institutions.  The College & University Liaison reports to the Executive Board.


MYD Director Application:

Please submit answers to these questions, along with your resume, to



Phone Number:


MYD events attended in 2016:

Please answer the following questions.

1) What is your vision for the Manhattan Young Democrats for the rest of 2016? Give some concrete examples of initiatives you would like to undertake before the end of the year.

2) Why do you think you’re a good fit? Please list relevant experiences you would draw from and strengths you could bring to the position you are applying for.

3) Serving on the executive board of MYD is a significant time commitment. How committed will you be as a member — how would you be able to fit your leadership responsibilities within your current schedule? Please list your commitments outside of your employment (i.e. leadership positions in other clubs).

4) Give an example of an issue that’s important to young New Yorkers and how you would, from your position, engage our membership to take action on that issue.

5) (Optional) Is there anything else you think the Officers should know about you before reviewing your application?