National Equality March This SUNDAY: Get Down To DC For FREE!

Take Action

Picture 2The National Equality March is this coming SUNDAY, October 11th. State Senator Tom Duane’s office is coordinating buses, and you can get down there and back for ~$35. Departure at 6AM, returning late in the evening.

And heads-up for dues-paying MYDers: Commit to go right now and email our Events Director David Myers (events [at] goMYD [dot] com) — if you’re one of the first ten members to sign up, MYD will cover the cost of your bus ticket!

Additionally, many members of the MYD membership will be attending the aforementioned Camp Courage on Saturday. This is a 4 hour workshop hosted Courage Campaign of California. I will definitely be going, as will Chas, Julie, and likely a few others. If you’re interested in signing up for the workshop, get more information here. (Note: MYD is not sponsoring any form of transportation for Saturday.)

Join us as we fight for the civil rights issue of our generation!