MYD’s Statement on the NYS Budget


“Young New Yorkers lost big in this year’s budget.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s legislative leaders failed to raise the minimum wage to keep a hard working New Yorker from having to work two full-time jobs just to make rent.

Undocumented students hoping to attend college still cannot receive financial aid.

And young women still lack adequate protections against sexual assault.

But worse, this budget was signed into law with virtually no input from New Yorkers — a symptom of Albany’s infamous “three men in a room” budget negotiations.

We need to work together to demand our leaders in Albany take action on these common sense issues to improve the lives of young New Yorkers.

With just three months left in this year’s session, this is the time for our elected leaders to stand up for our progressive values and enact meaningful reforms that better protect women, raise wages, and help young immigrants attend college.”