MYD’s Statement on Orlando

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All of us have been touched in some way by the events of this weekend in Orlando, some much more than others.  Unfortunately, tragedies like this more and more seem to simply result in the same hollow platitudes.  But that will not happen this year.  Stand with the Manhattan Young Democrats this election season as we continue to fight for LGBT rights and expanded gun control.

For further information, please see our official statement, copied below.



Orlando Strong

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a terrible act of violence was committed.  

This was not a random act of violence.  This was an attempt to destroy hope and wreak havoc and fear on a community that has long been persecuted.

But this month is Pride.  This month there is no fear.  This month we will celebrate louder, brighter, and more joyously than ever.  We will show that together, we are stronger than any attempt to destroy us, and we will never relinquish the progress we’ve made.

There is still much progress to be made, however.  We must continue to break down the barriers faced by the LGBT community.  Whether it’s bathroom access, employment discrimination, the ability to give blood to help your own community, or simply the hate that stubbornly manages to hang on, we must continue to fight.

We must also do more than simply take a hard look at the gun control laws that allow for almost any individual to obtain an assault weapon. These are literal killing machines, with no other purpose.  After every mass shooting we mourn as a country, but our legislators do nothing to prevent another massacre.  Let’s take advantage of the opportunity this election presents, and finally end the stalemate. 

MYD extends our deepest condolences to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

We are all Orlando Strong.