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Lame SC GOP Press Hit
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As a South Carolina native, I worry about the honor of my home State. We’ve had a run of national embarrassments lately: Miss Teen SC in ’07, GOP Gov. Mark Sanford (R) cheating on his wife while vowing to stay in office and Congressman Joe Wilson (R) yelling “You lie” at the President while  he was addressing Congress.

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I invited Rob Miller, the Democratic challenger to Joe Wilson, up to New York for a small fundrasier. To my surprise, the SC GOP noticed: (See Right –>).

That’s right, the Palmetto Scoop, a local Republican e-zine, decided to print a SC GOP dig… against us. They try to lambaste Miller by tying him to us “New York City liberals” (ouch… feel the burn?). Also, why does the GOP operative they cite, Ryan Meerstein, hate NYC liberals so much? Could it be because he worked for the Giuliani Presidential Campaign? Maybe.

In any case, thank you Palmetto Scoop, for the web traffic. And, for pointing out that the SC GOP has nothing better to hit Miller with. Maybe next time you could just send me an email so I can save you the embarrassment. I’d be happy to tell you why I, as a South Carolinian and president of the Manhattan Young Democrats, support Rob Miller for Congress.

Al Benninghoff
South Carolinian and President of the Manhattan Young Democrats