MYD Takes Action and Boosts Carlucci Campaign!

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If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that MYD knows how to throw a pretty fabulous event.   But, we also get down and dirty when progressive causes and candidates need our help.  And, when we do, there’s no stopping us.

This weekend, we conjured up distant memories of  how to drive, and headed off to Rockland County for the weekend to help David Carlucci-a young (very at 30 years old,) progressive candidate- to take a traditionally Republican state senate seat.

In just 2 days of canvassing, MYD’s group covered 13% of the Carlucci campaign’s total turf!

Those are incredible numbers.  And, we didn’t stop there.  Last night, we continued our weekend work with a phone banking effort reaching out to undecided voters (as determined by the canvass).  The information we gathered will be used to target voters who remain undecided.  David Carlucci will call these voters personally to address their concerns and encourage them to come out and vote.

Academic studies have shown that canvassing and phone banking have a significant impact on voter turnout.  And, we all saw that impact in action when volunteer canvassers and phone bankers helped elect our first African-American president.  When you get out on the street to talk to voters, anything is possible.  Especially on smaller campaigns, like Carlucci’s, strong and efficient volunteer efforts-like MYD’s-provides an advantage they could never buy.

Our canvassers found that the most frequent response was: “I didn’t know there was a Democratic candidate, but of course I’ll vote for him!”

So, if you haven’t volunteered for Get Out the Vote canvassing efforts, you have 2 weeks to really make a difference. Join a MYD effort or any other.  Just get out there.  Besides, as some of our photos demonstrate, it’s a LOT of fun!

Check out the props Melissa Ann Myers gave us.

Our Tweets from the canvassing trail: www.twitter/gomyd

Photos from the campaign of the pre-canvassing rally.

And upcoming MYD efforts you can get involved in: .