MYD’s Statement on Transgender Bathrooms

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The Manhattan Young Democrats stand with the President in his call that all schools treat their students with respect, consistent with their gender identity.  We are proud that New York State is not following the lead of the states that have filed a lawsuit objecting this directive.

For further information, please see our official statement, copied below.



Equality for Transgender Students

Several weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice issued a letter to inform public schools of their Title IX obligations with regard to transgender students. This letter included a notice that schools must allow transgender students to use restrooms and locker room facilities consistent with their gender identity.

In the weeks since, the vitriol around transgender bathroom usage has reached a fever pitch, with 11 states recently filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration for their actions.

MYD is a proud supporter of LGBT rights, and applauds the Obama administration for taking a stand against the hatred and fear that has led some states to discriminate against transgender individuals. We are proud that neither our state nor our city would ever consider joining this lawsuit.  We are proud that the New York City Department of Education is ahead of the curve, and already has a policy in place to guarantee that students are allowed to use restrooms that conform to their gender identity. As New Yorkers, we are proud to be a part of a community that supports and protects all students by providing a learning environment that is safe and respectful to all sexes and gender identities.

The Manhattan Young Democrats stand with the President in sending a message to transgender youth nationwide that they have the right to be treated fairly–to be treated exactly the same as any other student–to be treated with respect.

The discrimination we see today isn’t a matter of states’ rights or religious freedoms. It is simply a violation of these students’ civil rights.  No student should be told by their school that who they are or the way they live is unacceptable. We must come together as a community and a country to ensure that students feel welcomed and safe in their schools, so that they have the room they need to learn and grow.