MYD | Statement on the Immigration & Refugee Executive Order

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The United States is a nation of immigrants.  This history stands in stark contrast to the recently rehashed executive order from our new administration.  The Manhattan Young Democrats strongly condemn the assault being laden on both the Muslim and immigrant community, and pledge our resistance to this action and our full support to those affected.

For further details, please see our official state statement, copied below.

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Guide Us In The Path Of Peace

Morally bankrupt policy has never been remedied by wrapping itself in the guise of national security. Even with new rhetorical window dressing, its core malignancy will remain undisturbed. Such is the case of the revised Executive Order signed earlier this week that again barred the entry of individuals from Muslim-majority countries and suspended the United States Refugee Admissions Program. This superficially reconfigured order, titularly aimed at “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry to the United States,” fails to resolve the pervasive constitutional concerns raised against its predecessor in federal court cases nationwide. The changes made in the new order — the removal of Iraq from the list of barred countries, the exempting of visa holders, and the conspicuous removal of religiously-related language — have not remotely resolved the pronounced legal and ethical questions that continue to persist. The specter of religious discrimination and gravely flawed policy-making continue to hang over both our immigration and legal systems.

Though the Department of Homeland Security has itself admitted that “country of citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity,” the Trump Administration has repeatedly refused to acknowledge this reality, instead scaremongering to conjure truth from fiction. We can only imagine the low opinion this Administration must hold for the American public, to believe that the manifestly inhumane nature of this executive order would pass unnoticed.

But young people are not so easily misled; a rehashed Muslim Ban cloaked in parsed, disingenuous entreaties continues to be nothing more than a Muslim Ban. The United States is, at its core, a nation established, inhabited, and strengthened by generations of immigrants and their descendants, and this order stands in direct opposition to those values.

The Manhattan Young Democrats strongly condemn this shameful, spiteful assault on the Muslim community, the immigrant community, and our American historical legacy. We will resist this and any such future actions with our full strength and effort.