MYD in 2009


Well, folks. It’s been about nine months since we relaunched MYD’s online presence and was brought into the world. It’s been a great year for the organization, and we thought the best way to share our successes is with a very self-indulgent, four-minute video and photo montage.

I’m off for the next couple weeks on some much needed vacation, so things will be slow around here until the new year. A huge thanks to you, our readers and supporters, who have helped us get the site established and have contributed to its fantastic growth since launch.

Check out Al’s post below on Board positions opening up in January.  We need great leaders who are willing to work their asses off to get some serious change done next year. We have the potential to make a huge impact on state politics in 2010. If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that reform will not come easily — but also that the Empire State is on the brink and needs our help more than ever before. Ask yourself: if not in 2010, then when?

I hope to see you at the elections in January. Happy Holidays to all — and enjoy the video!