MYD Goes To Dinner – Food For Thought Recap

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How food insecure are you?

Last night the CASE committee hosted it’s first event of the year: Food for Thought: Hunger in NYC. It was an amazing night!  We heard from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer about food issues in NYC and his vision for a long-term food plan for the city, and Kristen Mancinelli of City Harvest about what we can do to help alleviate issues like obesity and food deserts across the five boroughs. Kate Barnhart and Jacqui Lewis also spoke about the work of New Alternatives and The Middle Project.

Noah served as master chef for the evening

Everyone who came got to eat — and experienced a little bit of food insecurity themselves.  Some diners ate McDonald’s with orange soda, while others enjoyed a four-course meal accompanied with fresh, hand-squeezed orange juice. Some had their food brought to them by courteous waitstaff; but those in the bottom rung had to go get food  for themselves. Even the same course — mac and cheese and green beans — was a vastly different culinary experience by income bracket, with fresh ingredients dominating wealthier diners and canned and processed foods dominating the more food insecure. But everyone–regardless of the meal they were served–had a great time, and in the process we raised over $1500 dollars for New Alternatives and City Harvest to aid their fight against food insecurity in NYC.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and especially to the CASE Committee members who worked tirelessly to pull the event off, and to our amazing Chef Noah Berland who was a magician in the kitchen!