MYD | Endorsement of the New York Health Act

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Healthcare in New York State is expensive and inequitable, and access to care is lacking. Deductibles and copays are continuing to rise, while real wages for the average family have remained stagnant for decades. In 2013, the average premium for an employer-provided family plan in New York State was approximately $17,530, more than twice as much as it was ten years earlier. While the Affordable Care Act took important steps to mitigate these problems, the current administration’s undermining of the ACA requires that New York State to take the lead in reforming our health system. As a measure that would keep health plans viable for young people, Manhattan Young Democrats strongly endorses the New York Health Act (NYHA), sponsored by Assemblyman David Gottfried (75th District).

The NYHA will create comprehensive single-payer insurance that ensures access to healthcare for all New Yorkers. Coverage will include primary care and specialists, as well as hospital visits, mental health services, reproductive healthcare, dental and vision care, and prescription drugs. NYHA will eliminate network restrictions, allowing patients to see whatever doctor they choose. By eliminating all premiums, deductibles, and copays, it will make care affordable and accessible. Independent economic analysis has shown shown that the NYHA will save New York taxpayers $45 billion by reducing excessive administrative costs and negotiating down exorbitant drug prices. Under NYHA, approximately 98% of New York households would pay less for healthcare. In addition, as both small and large employers will pay less for employee healthcare, the passage of NYHA could help spurn the creation of new jobs and support living wages, making New York a more growth-friendly state.

MYD urges Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Senate to support and pass the New York Health Act. Passing NYHA will put our state at the forefront of healthcare reform and ensure that all New Yorkers–young or old, rich or poor, documented or undocumented, politician or civilian–will be eligible for, invested in, and benefit from New York’s healthcare system.