MYD Education presents: How Prepared Are Our Teachers? Preparation Methods in the 21st Century – Tues April 12th

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When we look at traditional teacher education programs versus alternative teacher preparation programs, we see that our current system for holding U.S. teacher education programs accountable does not guarantee program quality or serve the needs of schools and students. The need for increased accountability among programs that prepare teachers has been a subject of intense debate and controversy, especially so in respect to teacher evaluations.

The lingering question is: Should institutions  rethink what they value from their teacher-educators? Could it be teacher preparation programs need to be organized in such a way that student-teaching and other “clinical” experiences are prioritized, or promote partnership with local schools? The best case scenario would be a curriculum where the program designed would prepare teachers to response to the district’s circumstances with an eye on student learning. We’ll be discussing these questions and more on Tuesday April 12th at our forum focused on the perspectives of educators who serve on the front lines, debating these issues everyday while looking for solutions for enhancing preparation programs and implementing them in a presently shaky education system. Teacher colleges have bristled at the fact that alternative teaching programs outside universities generally aren’t subject to an equal level of program scrutiny. Can we envision an accountability system where all programs, alternative and traditional, are measured on “clear signals using solid data”? To learn some answers and pose questions of your own join us at:

Hurley’s Saloon
232 48th Street ( btwn Broadway and 8th Avenue)
Tuesday April 12
6pm – 9pm

Panel speakers will include :

  • An Executive Board Member from the United Federation of Teachers
  • A Teach For America trained charter school teacher
  • A Public school principal

Moderated by Sophia James, MYD Education Chair

This promises to be a diverse and interesting conversation during a controversial time in our education system. If you have any questions feel free to email Sophia at or RSVP on Facebook by clicking here

Look forward to seeing you there!