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2014 is going to be an incredible year. Manhattan Young Democrats is expanding into new territory, giving more back to our members and our city than ever before. Check out newly elected President’s plan here. It’s also an election year in NYC, full of local elections and opportunities to get involved and make a difference – even get MYDers elected to office.

But the incredible year requires incredible people. If you’re interested in finding a way to make a difference, if you have skills, talents and ideas you think can change this city and the lives of the people who live here, consider joining the MYD Team as a Director; you can read all the descriptions below. To apply, simply fill out the form at the bottomand email it to

Don’t see a Director position that’s right for you? Try one of the Issue Committees – they’ll be electing chairs at their next meetings. Or email to ask about other ways to get involved.

Director Descriptions (in no particular order):

Political Director – The Political Director leads the MYD political team. The team is responsible for serving as a liaison to political clubs and electeds to ensure that Open Seat Project 2014 is implemented with their support. The Political Director and/or team members will attend outside organization meetings and ensure MYD has a presence in County Politics. The Political Director will also work with the Policy Director to track elections, candidates, appointments and disseminating this information to the Executive Board and membership as needed.

Field Director – The Field Director leads the MYD Field team. The team is responsible for spearheading and developing the organizing strategy for all field efforts for MYD. In 2014, the field team will work closely with the Political Team on Open Seat Project 2014. Under the direction of the Field Director, the Field Team will also develop the plan to ensure that the MYD County Committee candidates successfully go through petitioning and get on the ballot.

Finance Director – The Finance Director is responsible for assisting the Executive Board in raising funds by tracking donors and finding new sources of funding for the organization. The Finance Director will work closely with the Events Director and Treasurer in planning fundraisers, as well as the Data Director to identify new funding opportunities.

Events Director – The Events Director is responsible for planning and executing special events for the organization. These events may include, but are not limited to, fundraisers, conventions, and campaign invasions. The Events Director will work closely with the Finance Director and Treasurer in planning fundraisers.

Creative Director – The Creative Director leads the MYD Creative team which develops design and branding assets for MYD. The Creative Director is responsible for training the Creative Team in those skills to ensure that MYD maintains design and technical ability internally. The Creative Director is responsible for developing the long term branding and visual messaging strategy for MYD. Anything produced by the organization for public consumption, with the exception of standard documents on letterhead, must have consult of Creative Director.

Development Director – The Development Director is responsible for planning and executing membership building activities. The Development Director, in conjunction with the Treasurer, will maintain up-to-date membership lists and conduct on-going outreach to new and existing members and will explore new ways to grow membership.

Community Service Director – The Community Service Director leads the MYD Community Service team. The team is responsible for coordinating volunteering opportunities for MYD and its membership as well as developing long term partnerships with community organizations.

New Media Director – The New Media Director acts as editor in chief for the MYD New Media Team. The Team ensures that new content is constantly being posted to MYD’s online outlets including the organization website and social media outlets. The New Media Director will work with his/her team, as well as the Creative, Data and Communications Directors to create original content and targeted information campaigns to meet the club’s goals. The New Media Director will also be in charge of basic maintenance to the website and other digital assets such as email addresses, etc.

Communications Director – The Communications Director is responsible for media outreach, messaging, and the distribution of information to the membership. The Communications Director will work closely with the New Media and Officers to ensure consistent and adequate messaging.

Policy Director – The Policy Director leads the MYD Policy Team which is responsible for tracking any legislative or political issues that may be of interest to MYD or it’s issue committees. The Policy Director will provide advice to the Issue Committees on pertinent legislation or current political campaigns as well as suggestions for how to impact policy.

Data Director – The Data Director is a new position. He/she will lead the MYD Data Team. The Data Team is responsible for developing a plan for how data can be used to advance the goals of the organization. The Data Team will review at the data MYD has available, determine whether it is comprehensive or whether there are holes. If there are holes, the Team will work with the E-board to figure out how to close the holes and then analyze the data. The Data Team will then work with the E-board to implement a data based plan.

Programming Director – The Programming Director will oversee the Programming Team. The Programming Team provides coordination and support for all of the skill and professional development classes MYD offers. The Programming team ensures that curriculums for new classes are adequately recorded for later use.

MYD Director Application: 7 Simple Questions + 1 Resume

Please submit answers to these questions, along with your resume, to by 5pm on Friday, January 31, 2014.



Phone Number:


MYD events attended in 2013:

Please answer the following questions.

1) What is your vision for the Manhattan Young Democrats for 2014? Give some concrete examples of initiatives you would like to undertake before the end of the year.

2) Why do you think you’re a good fit? Please list relevant experiences you would draw from and strengths you could bring to the position you are applying for.

3) Serving on the executive board of MYD is a significant time commitment. How committed will you be as a member — how would you be able to fit your leadership responsibilities within your current schedule? Please list your commitments outside of your employment (i.e. leadership positions in other clubs).

4) What programs/projects/responsibilities did you undertake for MYD in 2013?

5) What 3 (three) issues would you consider most important to New York and why?

6) MYD is a specialized political group. (We’re young and left leaning). How can this be used effectively to implement change on the issues you identified in #5 above?

7) (Optional) Is there anything else you think the Officers should know about you before reviewing your application?