MYD 2013 Officer Applications!


Once again it’s election time for MYD!  Every year the members of the club vote for our leadership.  In order to run for an officer position you must fill out an application which is then distributed to the membership to read.

The Officer Application is now available, download it HERE.

Officer positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (learn exactly what the requirements are in Article III of the MYD Constitution, HERE). These positions are elected at the first meeting of the year by dues paying members.  The meeting will be held Tuesday, January 15 at 7pm.

To run for these positions you must have attended at least one MYD event in 2012 and be a dues paying member for 2013.

Please submit Officer Applications to me at president [@] by 6PM on Wednesday, January 2nd.  Applications will then be posted to the blog for the general membership to read and review no later than January 8th, as per our Constitution.