MYD 2010 Policy Platform – Up For Review!

MYD Itself

Our Issues Oriented Committees have been working hard on their policy platforms and we’ve been able to narrow and focus our goals to a few key policy points. A quick tear-sheet of the platform is available for download (2010 Platform Tearsheet – 8.17.10), full descriptions are available on the website HERE (where you can also check out the 2009 Policy Platforms). At tomorrow’s General Meeting the IOC chairs will go over their platform and we will have the opportunity to discuss them. If you’re interested in helping frame the issues that are important you as a Young Democrat we encourage you to join the committees so we can start planning activities and advocating on these ideas.

For the 2010 Election Cycle we will be sending these Policy Points to candidates and elected officials so they can get a better idea of the issues that are important to us, and we can find new and creative ways to work together! After tomorrow’s meeting the official platform will be on the IOC Pages and official copies can be requested from our Political Director, Alex at political[at]gomyd[.]com. Looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion!

Community and Social Equity (CASE)
Marriage Equality
Campaign Finance
Rules Reform

Balancing the State Budget
Diversifying the New York City Economy
Banking for the Unbanked
Expansion of Rail to Upstate
Job Creation Tax Credits
Community Benefits Agreements
Fund Allocation Reform

Public Education
Spending and Investments
Charter Schools

Ban on “Hydro-fracking” in Upstate New York Watershed Areas
Greater Tax Incentives for Green Roofs Construction

Foreign Affairs
Bilingual Education for English Speaking Students
Green Energy initiatives

Pedestrian Safety
Congestion Pricing