More Party Coverage: Napoleon Dynamite, Gift Basket & Sushi

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From Larchmont-Mamarneck Patch, more coverage of the Party (the video is awesome!):

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Mocking Senator Pedro Espada with shirts that parodied a movie election, protesters gathered in front of the embattled majority leader’s Mamaroneck home Saturday to give him an earful.

Protesters wore shirts that said “Don’t Vote for Pedro,” a play on the “Vote for Pedro” slogan for a fictional class president in the 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite. […]

The day marked exactly one year since Espada installed himself as majority leader through a coup. While his political fortunes looked extraordinary then, twelve months removed he is facing palpable public anger. […]

Espada’s facing two lawsuits filed by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, which detail the alleged laundering of $14 million from Soundview Healthcare, a government-funded clinic in the Bronx. According to the lawsuits, Espada spent this money on things like Vegas vacations and his own political campaign, in addition to the sushi deliveries to his Mamaroneck home.

Protesters mocked him for that too, marching down Mamaroneck Avenue and convening at Columbus Park, where they ate sushi.

And at his house, they left the senator a gift basket filled with more sushi, “a red mesh jersey because he plays for the Republicans now,” and “a voter registration form in case he wants to actually register to vote at his real house here in Mamaroneck,” said Al Benninghoff, as he addressed the crowd with a megaphone.

Espada’s Mamaroneck home is central to the lawsuit. As a state senator serving the Bronx, he’s accused of breaking the residency requirements that say he has to live in the district he represents. [..]

“I think this is an issue that a lot of New Yorkers don’t pay attention to,” said Emmy Suzuki Harris of the Manhattan Young Democrats. “We felt the best way was to really raise a fuss, get it in the news, and then get people working on campaigns to elect better officials.

Protesters: Espada “Represents The Worst” of Politics