Monserrate’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Arrested For…A Few Things

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Monserrate just makes it too easy. Not only is he a mook, but he apparently surrounds himself with his own ilk. What did his ex chief of staff, Wayne Mahlke, do?

  • Insult a Police Officer
  • Drive alone with a learner’s permit
  • Try to evade arrest
  • Produce an expired State Senate official business placard (Monserrate was expelled from the Senate)
  • Produce a laminated photocopy (i.e. a fake) police placard

Well, all in a days work. Read the full article here. Or an excerpt about the things Mahlke did below.

Police Officer Denise McDonald was working at the corner of Queens Plaza North and 29th Street in Elmhurst on Sunday morning when Mr. Mahlke, who lives nearby, yelled out a window of his 2009 Honda Civic, “Why don’t you do your job,” followed by an epithet. (Whatever it is that he was unhappy about, the release did not disclose.)

Mr. Mahlke’s car was stopped at a red light when he made his comment at the police officer. When Officer McDonald approached and asked Mr. Mahlke for his driver’s license and registration, he tried to drive around her, but she managed to block him by planting herself in front of the vehicle.

He pulled out a New York State Senate official business plaque and a laminated photocopy of a police placard, and then he told the officer: “You don’t know who I am. I’m higher ranking than you. I work for Mayor Bloomberg.” But as it turns out, Mr. Mahlke is unemployed, or so he said at the time of his arrest, according to prosecutors. He also did not have a driver’s license, just a learner’s permit.