Minimum Wage Panel – April 10th


A couple months ago, Kim posted about the possibility of state and national minimum wage increase. At that time, President Obama had just announced his support for a $9 minimum wage and the state assembly was debating a bill to raise NY’s minimum wage to $9 and index it for inflation (so the minimum wage would increase as the cost of living increasing).

We haven’t seen any action on the national level yet, but the state passed the new budget which includes raising the minimum wage from it’s current $7.25/hour to $8/hour next year, $8.75 in 2015, and $9 in 2016. It’s certainly better than nothing – we can all think of what we would do with an extra $1.75/hour or $3,640 a year.

I’m disappointed, though. This deal, which does not include indexing for inflation, means that we will continue to fight the minimum wage battle. The cost of living will increase and soon enough $9/hour will not be a high enough minimum wage. The increase is nice, absolutely, but indexing for inflation would have a long term and lasting impact on all minimum wage workers.

Want to learn more? Voice your opinion on the minimum wage? Come to MYD’s Economic Issues Commitee’s MInimum Wage Panel:

MYD’s Minimum Wage Panel
Wednesday, April 10th, 6:30pm
The Liberty
29 West 35th Street between 5th & 6th

Council Member Gale Brewer
NY State Senator Brad Hoylman
Andrew Moesel, New York State Restaurant Association
Jay Peltz, Food Industry Alliance of NY

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