(Former) Member of the Week: Mike Denklau, Congressional Candidate, 26

Member of the Week

Picture 1Just four months ago, Mike Denklau was living in New York, plugging away on Wall Street. Today, he’s running for Congress. Who is he? Well, he’s one of us. Mike is a former member of MYD and he decided to give it all up in the Big Apple to move back to his homestate of Iowa to really make a difference. He’s just 26 years old and he launched his candidacy for the 2010 Iowa 5th District Congressional seat last month.

Mike Denklau embodies the very spirit of MYD. He believes that we all have a responsibility to give back. He is well-educated, he is smart, he is driven and he truly cares about enacting change in Iowa. He’s going back home because he believes, in his very own words, that “… Providing a fair playing field and empowering people to help themselves is the best path to future prosperity.” And how would he do this? By looking past partisanship and by bridging divides, rather than creating them. He wants to focus on issues like job creation, expanding educational opportunities and relief for overburdened Iowa taxpayers.

Mike has decided to uproot himself from his successful career in New York City and move back to Iowa because he believes that now is the time to make a change in Iowa for the better.

To read more about Mike Denklau, visit his website.