Members of the Week: Foreign Affairs Committee

MYD Itself

From left to right, Karem, Junko, FAC Chair Sachin Jaitly and
From left to right, Kanem, Junko, FAC Chair Sachin Jaitly and Jared.

Three members of the Foreign Affairs Committee are being honored this week as Members of the Week: Kanem Johnson, Junko Ishikawa, and Jared Cohen.  These individuals organized an an expert panel to discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict: “Voices for a Two-State Solution: How To Resolve the Israel-Palestine Conflict”–replete with approximately 80 audience members, 5 panelists, 5 co-sponsors, a donation, and a great venue.

Here’s a bit more about these MYD rock stars!

Kanem Johnson grew up in New Haven, CT and attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.  Moved to New York in 2005 for work and has worked in the financial sector ever since.  Currently works for Citigroup maintaining interests in History, Literature, Athletics, and Cuisine.  Joined MYD-Foreign Affairs Committee in 2009 and has contributed to the Human Sex Trafficking Policy paper and most recently the Israel-Palestine discussion panel.  Enthusiastic about taking MYD to greater levels of influence and bringing global awareness to New Yorkers.

Junko Ishikawa from Tokyo, Japan, has been working as a media consultant and Japanese-English translator for various international organizations, including NGO (PeaceBoat Japan), Sony USA, Broadband Enterprises and Daiwa Securities in the last 9 years. Upon completing her translation assignments in Vietnam and Kenya, she moved to New York City in 2000. Junko is also a professional videographer, having done various political campaign projects, including the NYC mayoral race and the Manhattan DA campaign in 2009.  After much consideration, she now plans to shift her career toward public service with a heavy international focus. She is looking forward to studying International Policy and Diplomacy, and specifically wants to put her study focus on the security issues at a grad school in New York.

Jared Cohen is originally from Westchester, New York, Jared joined MYD’s Foreign Affairs Committee in 2009 and has since worked on the group’s September policy paper advocating legislation for human sex trafficking and its most recent Israel-Palestine discussion panel. By day, he works in energy project finance for a Japanese bank.

A huge thank you Kanem, Junko, and Jared — and to all of the other Issue Committee members who have worked so hard this year to make great policy recommendations and get them out into the world.