Member of the Month: Max Miller

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Max Miller, Native New Yorker, 28

Max Miller joined MYD over two years ago, when he was looking to become more involved in politics.  Since then, he’s become a Super-MYD member.  He’s an active member of both the Economics Committee and the Environmental and Animal Issues Committee.


Earlier this spring, Max moderated the Minimum Wage Panel, a very successful and well-attended event hosted by the Economics Committee.  This event featured panelists such as Councilwoman Gale Brewer and RWDSU, and was geared towards discussing the impact of the minimum wage increase.


Max was first drawn to MYD when he heard about our efforts to raise awareness of hydrofracking.  Born and raised in New York (he’s fourth generation!), Max has grown up with a strong appreciation for the high quality of New York’s tap water.


“I think that the issue that has energized me the most to get involved is an unlikely one given most of my personal interests: Hydrofracking,” Max says.  “Growing up in New York City, I have a strong appreciation for the quality of our tap water and so when I first heard a couple of years ago that hydrofracking might contaminate our water it led me to research more.  Hydrofracking as an issue is fascinating because it so perfectly straddles both economic and environmental controversy and lays bare some real problems in America, particularly in New York State where there are communities that have very real need for economic stimulus and industry and not many answers.  I don’t believe that their salvation lies in permitting hydrofracking in the state, but the question makes me think a lot about what alternatives might be found to energize economies around the state.”


Max’s favorite thing about being a young New Yorker is living in a city that is both vibrant and filled with possibilities and opportunities.  “If you are so motivated, there’s pretty much something to do every night, heck, every day, that will suit your interests.  To complement that, New York City’s transportation infrastructure provides practically limitless access to the diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and municipal geography that makes up the city – you’ll never reach the end of exploration. In the middle of doing all of that, I love how I can walk several miles a day without even realizing it.”


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