Mel Farrah- August Member of the Month


NYS Demmy Awards

MYD’s Member of the Month is Mel Farrah! Mel just joined MYD this year after relocating to NYC from Atlanta, and is already one of our most active members. She’s been a rockstar for MYD this year; not only did she attend and represent MYD at the New York State Young Democrats Convention, but she also raised over $1,000 for MYD’s AIDS Walk team.

Although Mel recently moved to NYC from Atlanta, she was actually born and raised in Cambria Heights – Queens, NY.  For Mel, “New York is home, and home will always be my favorite place because it has provided the foundation for all that I have learned thus far.” Mel’s passion for politics began at an early age in her “home” of Queens:

“My grassroots beginnings, ‘sign holding’ with fellow Queens native former Governor Mario Cuomo at the tender age of seven, was just the beginning of my life-long passion for service and politics. Former Assemblywoman Cynthia Jenkins was my first political role-model practically adopted me as her ‘granddaughter,’ taking me to every rally and campaign event she could find.  Our photos from that day made the cover of the local paper – the day our work culminated in the Governor’s election is my favorite; as that was the day it all began to make sense. When people work hard and work together they really can make a difference.”

Mel has worked in social service for several years now.  While she was in Atlanta, she was the former Chief of Staff and Policy Advisor with the Atlanta City Council. In 2007, she joined a government agency, to gain targeted policy and government experience with a social service focused agency.  Now that she is back in NYC, she continues to make a difference in the social service sector:

“Information is essential for breaking negative cycles; poverty, ignorance, violence. I’m a service-oriented politico, with a passion for community service and education – especially civic education, which I believe, is the key to political and economic empowerment for every community. As Board President of a nonprofit that empowers urban youth distinct travel and service experiences, I have seen firsthand how integral information is in facilitating a child’s opportunity to succeed in school and in life.”

Mel found and joined MYD after researching the New York chapters of YDA.  She had positive experiences with the Young Democrats of Atlanta, and was eager to join and become an active member of a YDA chapter in New York.  After moving to the Upper East Side, she joined the MYD chapter after meeting some friendly MYD members at a NYSYD holiday party.  We are thrilled she did, and are lucky to have Mel back in New York and as a member of MYD!