New York Times May Have Paterson Expose In the Works, Resignation Possible

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We try to avoid speculation here on the goMYD blog, but the news media rumor mill is going into overdrive about another possible scandal for the NY gov office – although details are non-existent or contradictory at this point.  Gov Paterson’s office is denying any wrongdoing and is meeting with Dem party leaders to assure them that a rumor is just a rumor.  If not, can NY survive another scandal?

To stay on top of the story, it seems worth it to reproduce a portion of the link filled article from the Huffington Post:

The Daily NewsElizabeth Benjamin says it’s “far worse than his acknowledged extramarital affair with a former state employee.”

New York Magazine, who just ran a lengthy profile on the governor, couldn’t get a peep out of the Times, but writes that they hear the paper is “coming up with something big about the Paterson administration.”

Many believe the scandal is linked to a story that appeared in the New York Post this past weekend that further detailed Paterson’s recent decision to ban state troopers from the Governor’s Mansion.

According to the Post, a trooper accidentally caught the governor in a somewhat-compromising position:

The trooper opened the door and the first thing he saw was the governor and a woman inside and the two of them snuggling together, embracing. There was nothing more than that, snuggling, and they had their clothes on.

The AP reported today that Paterson met privately with democratic leaders this weekend and

A Democrat close to the situation [] said the meetings included discussions about whether Paterson would resign or announce he will not run. The Democrat spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The Business Insider added:

We spoke with a member of Governor Paterson’s communications team who denies that the governor is planning to resign. The official confirmed that a New York Times story is in the works but says it will not run Monday.

No matter what the the story is, I am certain it will be an interesting week in New York politics. We are going to post a short profile of Lt. Gov Ravitch soon, just in case he gets a promotion.