Mayor Bloomberg Spent a Sh**-ton on Third Term Victory (Not Exactly Breaking News)


New York’s richest citizen ran up a record-breaking tab in his quest for a third term.

According to the latest campaign finance report filed Friday, Mayor Bloomberg spent more than $108 million of his own fortune, making his re-election bid the most expensive in municipal history. The mayor even shattered his own spending record – the Campaign Finance Board reports Bloomberg spent about $85 million in 2005 and $76 million in 2001. He  also vastly outspent opponent Bill Thompson, who accepted public financing and according to CBF, spent only about 9 million dollars in last year’s race.

Despite spending about 10 times more than Thompson, the mayor only won re-election by about 4.5%. You can find finance reports for every 2009 citywide candidate at

It’s important to note the Supreme Court protects a candidate’s constitutional right to waste as much of his or her own money as s/he sees fit.  And Bloomberg would argue his obscene spending means he’s not beholden to special interests.

But there’s still something unseemly about it.